Current Projects

We look at funding organisations that are already doing great work but need help to sustain this – we partner with development practioners, charity auditors and specialists on the ground to fund the right kinds of organisations who know how to help themselves and can continue to do what they do best – make a difference in so many impoverished lives by providing the right kind of educational support.


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Aseema wants to take the lessons learnt over the last decade in the metropole Bombay to the nearby tribal areas, four hours away. Especially since 75% of India lives in the villages and unfortunately, the rural areas remain backward and ignored, forgotten by urban India as is surges forward into the next century. At this fourteen acre plot educational and vocational training will be provided to achieve independence for the child and the community. Our donation is being used for running expenses of this very centre.


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85% of primary schools in India that reach out to the poor have an outdated curriculum, very high levels of absenteeism and classrooms that are un-inviting. RIVER has come up with an award winning curriculum that reaches out to 61,000 schools, 280,000 teachers and 7.9m children in India. Moreover, countries outside India in other parts of Asia and Africa are also keen to learn.

The EKTA Foundation has funded 4 of the 12 satellite schools in rural Andhra Pradesh that are the heart of this much needed educational methodology.

Foundation to Educate Girls Globally (EGG), Pali District, Rajasthan

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"Reforming Government Schools for Girls Education."

Across India girls are not always educated and many have minimal understandings of their own rights. Estimates show that for every 100 girls in rural India, only 1 reaches class 12.

Educated girls have the unique ability to bring unprecedented social and economic changes to their families and communities: reducing birthrates and child mortality, improving family health, reducing political extremism and violence against women and increasing both family and national income. Additionally, educating girls accelerates overall literacy: mothers with a primary school education are five times more likely to send their children to school.

Hundreds of organizations in India work in the area of girls education, but few are as cost effective and scalable as FEGG. FEGG is determined to influence behavioral change in communities and policy change with government and in five years, provide 5 million girls with a quality education and leadership training.

A special project covering 14 schools and reaching out to 1500 children was launched in October 2012, especially at EKTA’s request in one of the most backward and un-educated areas of Rajasthan.

The HUNAR Foundation. Technical Institutes

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A vocational guidance project par excellence devised by socially minded, prominent citizens of Karachi in collaboration with UK City and Guilds. Carefully selected high school boys are put through a rigorous 12-month training programme followed by a 6-month apprenticeship to produce highly competent, skilled workers eagerly sought out by industries in Pakistan and the Middle East.

Hunar’s motto: ‘To get the Youth off the streets and turn them into bread-winners for life.’

EKTA is supporting 7 boys currently and will support 7 more in the next batch. Ekta will hope to support a Girl’s Campus in Karachi when it starts up.